Shantou University Cancer Hospital


China has a high incidence and mortality rate of Cancer. Aditazz was hired to right-size the new academic medical center using operational modeling and optimization methods. The project team desired a Phase 1 facility program of 900 beds, 12 linear accelerators, and 17 operating rooms. The ask in program did not meet available funding. An intelligent approach to reducing the program was required to allow the project to proceed.


The design solution provided an Outpatient Building, Medical Technology Buildings and a Bed Tower, on top of an underground parking facility. Conjoined with the efficiency, the client wanted to have a hospital-in-the-park concept. These separate buildings supported efficient medical planning as well as improved patient experiences.


Through many scenarios explored, optimization methods and good design, the team was able to ensure patient care indicators while reducing the initial program key drivers. The design incorporated a lessening of beds from 900 to 540, linear accelerators from 11 to 8 and operating rooms from 17 to 10. This pruning in key drivers resulted in significant capital and operational cost savings. The hospital will also be home to the first integrated genomic diagnostics and treatment platform in the world. The project is due for construction completion in 2019.

“We are excited to launch the project with the much needed multi-disciplinary collaboration between design, construction, and healthcare experts from around the globe; all stitched together with the innovative Aditazz approach. This is the first time we are seeing an approach that is rooted in technology from Silicon Valley and is an appropriate response to the staggering challenges of cancer diagnosis and treatment faced by our community.”

Dr. Guo-Jun Zhang, MD, Ph.D, Director of the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Shantou University Medical College