Kaiser Permanente

Small Hospital, Big Idea International Design Competition


The client was looking to build the next generation of buildings with a focus on flexibility, adaptability, and nimble design for a much smaller hospital size than they were accustomed to operating.


Our scheme was driven by patient experience and clinical efficiency in a solution that could achieve net zero energy performance.


Our design celebrated the patient by providing sensitive design and forward thinking operations. The solution took into account simulating different physical designs to create operational models that evaluated clinical activities and patient experiences.

“Over the two days (of finalist judging) we became increasingly convinced that these two teams were actually reflecting sort of the nature of healthcare. It’s a very complex industry. It’s a very involved design process, thought process, and I think these two teams really so, so perfectly characterized the nature of the design process. We thought, you know what, they’re both bringing phenomenal knowledge, phenomenal experience to the table.”

John Kouletsis, AIA, EDAC, Former Vice President of Facilities Planning, Kaiser Permanente