Design Synthesis Application

Computational design using codified objects and rules.


Faster Project Execution

Automate repetitive and tedious design processes. Changes made in one place are propagated across a large design project.

Reduce Errors and Risk

Digitally match design output to design intent and continuously monitor its compliance throughout the project lifecycle. Ensure adherence to important code and design requirements. Sign-off with greater confidence.

Fits Into Your Current Workflow

The library comes with pre-built content to help you get started. Our two-way integration technology improves productivity by providing seamless connection with popular tools such as Autodesk Revit ©.

Digitally Transform Your Design Process

Codify Knowledge

Capture organizational knowledge by codifying rules and physical objects into digital equivalents.

Optimize Designs

Generative algorithms use deep computation to turn objects and rules into efficient design for specific project goals.


Deliver greater value with a continuous improvement and feedback cycle.

Getting Started

We support the transformation of your existing design objects, rooms, content and rules to a digital library.
Step 01: Identify Opportunities

Spot repeating room design patterns that can be automated through generative design techniques.

Step 02: Deploy and Create Generative Designs

The Aditazz team will help deploy the application to your design team. You can then generate optimized code compliant designs consistently and with increased efficiency.

Step 03: Create Library

Share existing designs, content and rules securely with our services teams. We will create your rule-based design library using the Aditazz Platform. Our pre-built integrations ensure it fits into your existing workflow and tools.

Step 04: Iterate and Improve

As you deploy your libraries within your enterprise, you improve your efficiency continuously to fit more design scenarios and situations.

“When I learned about Aditazz, what struck me was how this digital platform would allow my role as an Architect to be focused on the meaningful important tasks while eliminating the mundane everyday tasks and the trial-and-error process that makes our work so unproductive.”

Damaris Hollingsworth, NCARB, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP Architect and Vice President THOR Design PLUS

Generative Design Solutions


Optimize your design process of medical facilities such as hospitals and medical office buildings. Automatically generate code compliant rooms and fit them into your workflow with our Revit integration technology.

Commercial & Leisure

Create and update office layouts based on a library of workspaces, meeting rooms and open areas. Optimize designs for desired ratio of collaborative vs. focused workspaces. Integrate the generative design solutions with your existing workflows.


Automate repetitive processes and reduce errors for the design of chemical and manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, retail malls and other complex infrastructure projects.

You can extend our products with custom applications to meet your specific needs.