Holistic Offshore Wind Farm Design

An innovative new tool developed by Aditazz in partnership with Atkins


Produce more energy at a lower total cost of ownership. Reduce risks and increase your rate of returns on energy investments.

Better Designs and Operations

Innovative way of scenario-based planning that addresses the complexity and diversity of offshore wind farms.

Faster Execution

Dramatic reduction of the entire development, design and construction process using an approach proven in the semiconductor industry and on over 5 million square feetĀ of complex facilities.

Lower Cost

Integrated new process eliminates waste across the entire lifecycle of the product improving return on investment, reducing upfront costs and reducing risk.

Digitally Transform Wind Farm Planning

Your Project Driven by Your Business Rules:
Capital Cost
Equipment Selection
Site Phasing
Project Size (MW)
Construction / Installation
Spatial Arrangement
Financial Performance

“Ultimately the big question is: how much better is an Aditazz designed facility than a conventionally designed facility? A well designed facility will cost less and generate more hence delivering better on levelized cost of energy (LCOE). In my experience the delta between really good and poor is easily 30% on LCOE. Aditazz delivers a high degree of confidence that the upper end of excellence on LCOE is achieved every time. This in essence is locking in the potential for a successful investment in energy infrastructure.”

Dr. Martin Grant, CEO Atkins Energy

Join a Powerful Partnership

World leading designers of offshore structures. Involved in over 12GW of offshore wind power at over 20 projects across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Created a radical new way to digitally transform planning and design of the built environment. Our technology is used for building cancer hospitals, wind farms, and more.

Our partners can use and influence development of the Offshore Wind Farm Planning Platform, a powerful new way to design and plan offshore wind farms.

You can extend our products with custom applications to meet your specific needs.