Board of Directors

Amit Shah

As a Partner of Artiman Ventures, Amit is currently on the boards of Aditazz, Auryn, Dyyno, Guavus, InvenSense, Lightwire, Mastek, Motif and Zyme Solutions. Amit gained technology investment experience as a General Partner of Anthelion I & II, a seed stage venture fund. He also worked as VP of New Markets and Technologies for Cisco Systems Business Development and Alliances Group. Prior to this he founded and was CEO of PipeLinks, Inc., acquired by Cisco and also founded ZeitNet, acquired by Cabletron. He has taught numerous courses and seminars in networking at UC Berkeley, InterOp, and other forums in the United States and abroad. He also authored FDDI: A High Speed Network, published by Prentice-Hall. Amit holds a BSEE from MS University Baroda, India and has done graduate work at UC Irvine.