Board of Directors

Dr. David Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence served as CEO and Chairman of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals from 1991 until his retirement in 2002. He currently pursues interests in new business development, teaching, public policy, and writing. He is Senior Venture Partner with Physic Ventures, and a member of the boards of Agilent Technologies, McKesson Corporation, and Proteus Biomed. He is a member of the Health Advisory Boards of the RAND Corporation; an advisor to the CEO’s of SomaLogic, Inc., and MedExpert, Inc., and teaches with the Estes Park Institute. He consults with selected healthcare systems that pursue advanced integration strategies. Dr. Lawrence received his Bachelor’s degree from Amherst College, MD from the University of Kentucky, Masters of Public Health from the University of Washington and is Board Certified in General Preventive Medicine.