Planning and Design

The Aditazz Platform has delivered better designs in over 2.5 million square feet globally.

Better designs through big data, modeling and generative design technology.

Project Definition

Build the right building: We answer difficult strategic and functional questions by using scenario analysis, modeling and predictive analytics.

Planning and Design

Build the building right: We use generative design tools to deliver solutions that meet owner requirements and design intent.

Building Components

Make the building better: We’ve created a set of reusable and repeatable components that simplify the building system and enable greater efficiencies.

“Healthcare organizations are broadening their strategic focus to include a triple aim: providing better patient care, improving population health and lowering costs. Aditazz is taking a radical new approach to the design, planning and construction of healthcare facilities.”

Blair Sadler, Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Featured Projects

We have led the planning and design of major facilities for several leading institutions.

Kaiser Permanente

Co-won a global design competition calling for innovative and dramatic improvements in healthcare design and delivery. Designed an innovative net zero energy hospital.

King Abdullah Financial District, Saudi Arabia

Formulated plans for a large healthcare network, including a 300-bed phased hospital, for a new city in the Middle East using epidemiological sizing and operational modeling tools. Data driven forecasts helped reduce the number of beds by over 60% and dramatically lowered project cost estimates.

Shantou University Cancer Hospital

Created a multi-phased strategy for a 1,200 bed hospital, outpatient building, central plant and underground parking facility. Our operational modeling methods right sized the building, enabling the client to build another larger Research Building adjacent to the Medical Center, enabling more translational research.

Shantou University Medical College Research Building

Designed a 240,000 square foot state-of-the-art university research facility. Our team overcame limitations in space availability by objectively optimizing designs using computational layout generators.

Learn more about our radical approach and how we have delivered better designs and projects at lower cost by leveraging our technology platform.