Custom Application Development

We create transformative software applications to meet your unique needs.

Enabling Digital Transformation

Global enterprise leaders rely on our technical expertise combined with engineering acumen to solve their hardest problems. Together, we create innovative solutions for real business needs. Our collaborative platform uses cutting-edge technology and processes to ensure successful delivery of transformative applications.

If you are the Digital Officer tasked to transform the creation of complex infrastructure for the 21st century, explore a partnership with Aditazz to rapidly convert your big idea to your organization’s first compelling application.

“The engineering and construction industry urgently needs progress in productivity and a much smarter approach for complex design challenges. Aditazz is by far the most progressed technology solution in that regard. At the core it translates cutting-edge chip design technology into the civil engineering space.”

Professor Dr. Uwe Krueger, Former Atkins CEO

Innovative Process

We have designed our custom application development process around the principle that optimal results are created when we leverage the deep domain knowledge that an organization already possesses. We start with interactive workshops involving cross functional expert teams and then use proven best of breed techniques to put your ideas in motion.


Identify Opportunities and Scope

Identify critical business areas that require optimization and transformation. Finalize scope of project,  deliverables, cost and participants.


Agile Development

We collaborate closely with your teams to ensure the application is rapidly created and meets your needs. Our agile process ensures flexibility and swift project delivery.


Deploy and Train

The Aditazz team will help deploy the application to your enterprise and create related training material and processes.


Continuous Improvement

Our team will be continually available to ensure your application is a success. We will convey feedback and request feature additions and changes.